What We Can Do for You


Business Strategy:  

Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs keep their business plans securely hidden in their heads. For many this can work effectively, but at some point, especially during a time of growth or expansion a well-designed strategic plan can make the difference between success and failure. A yellow pad or better yet a smart phone/tablet on your nightstand can help you capture those moments of genius. Once you have an idea it helps to discuss the validity with an advisor that can help you test it’s strength. We are here to help you develop and execute your brilliance.


 Business Operations:

Over the last 20+ years if there is one thing that we’ve learned… businesses that succeed and are successful have this in common…they built their companies on a solid foundation and dedicated the time and resources necessary to develop and maintain a solid operational infrastructure.  We have a team of experts that understand a company’s operational needs from manufacturing, supply chain, and customer acquisition and retention.


Product Development & Manufacturing

Ideas lead to products and services. Some products are more complicated than others when it comes to concept, design and manufacturing, there are no short cuts. Each phase of this endeavor needs to be carefully orchestrated. Ultimately the end user will be the judge of your effort. Our goal is to make sure your products or services can have the success they deserve once they reach the consumers hands.


  Business Development & Sales

Sales, Sales, Sales – okay you would be surprised how many companies have created a product or a service without any real game plan for getting these products into the hands of consumers. At some point along every business path, sales become the most critical factor of success. We have a network of sales associates and brokers that call on virtually all classes of trade. Our brokers understand the business and they are there to help guide the lead generation, prospecting and ultimately the final sale. Sales are only good if they generate meaningful revenue. The right sales strategy and the team to implement will secure success.



So what comes first? Sales or marketing? Without marketing there is likely few sales. But ask any sales person and they will tell you, it’s lack of marketing that prevented them from closing the deal. Marketing isn’t about magic. It’s about clear messaging and innovative ways to get your message in front of consumers or businesses that will benefit from your products or services. We are experts in helping you develop the marketing message that will resonate with customers.


Internet Marketing:

Nothing ever conceived by man has connected so many people to so many thoughts, ideas and especially products and services. There are numerous businesses that are successfully operated online. They have completely abandoned the bricks and mortar model. These are businesses that have learned how to find and sell customers using the Internet and its amazing ability to communicate. We have a competent team of web designers and with our own understanding of the strategic



The dynamic behind advertising has changed drastically over the last few years. Consumers have many, many options on how they review a product or a service. Traditional advertising still has its place, but companies that solely rely upon television, radio and print quickly learn they are not getting their message to the right consumer cost effectively. We understand the importance of utilizing every ad dollar efficiently and effectively. The advertising has to communicate with the targeted customer. All too often advertising is so esoteric it misses the mark. We all love creativity, but we here to help you make sure the consumer understands the message.


Direct Response (Infomercials):

We were early adoptors of Infomercials and shopping channel sales and were involved in several major successes. Our suggestion is…Don’t make any decision in this area without chatting with us first. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that we’ve seen occur time and time again before clients seek our help.


 Customer Retention:

In the world of products there are two types…consumable and non-consumable. If you spent your marketing dollars correctly and you have customers you always want to be able to offer them an additional product or service. When you think about customer retention and brand loyalty it always comes down to how well people are treated. The more genuine and the more caring you are of your customers, the better chance you will have a loyal customer. We are strong advocates of good customer service, which has been an integral part of our own success as consultants.


 Campaign Management:

Every business venture is built on a series of campaigns. Some small like creating merchant accounts and UPC codes others require worldwide manufacturing and distribution. We can work with your staff at any level and help guide them through simple processes all the way up to entire launch campaign for products or services worldwide.