Product Development & Manufacturing





Product Development

Every product that ever existed and is available today started with an idea and that idea had to be turned into a plan of action. We have all heard of brilliant ideas being penciled out on a napkin in a restaurant, later to become a multi-million dollar product or service.

Ideas need to become marketable things. We have been down this road often where someone presented an idea and asked us if we could help them make it a reality and a commercial success. We maintain relationships with industrial designers, prototype builders, chemists, scientists, formulators, and creative designers. If you can think it…we can match you with the right creative team to get it to the point where it’s ready for manufacturing.



If you’ve managed to make your idea into a manufacturable design, then you need to match that design to the right type of manufacturing.

We work with various manufacturers, both large and small…domestically and internationally.  We can help  you create a relationship with the right manufacturing for your product. A big consideration when choosing a manufacturer is ultimately determining your cost of goods, that will always have a direct correlation to your bottom line. If your product is new to the world you most likely will not want to create a huge inventory. We try to identify the manufacturers that you can grow with ensuring you have a quality product that can easily move into the marketplace.