Jones International Consultants Celebrates 25 Years





Like most people say…time does fly…especially when you are working with clients that are excited and motivated to make their product a success.

At Jones International our focus has always been our clients and their needs.

It’s kind of ironic how Jones International and our daughter have one thing in common…they were both born 25 years ago.

There are many congruent aspects of having a child and launching a business, some of it comes instinctively and naturally, other skills are earned through experience. But one thing is certain, we are a very organic company. Each client is individual, and their needs are never alike. We have always recognized this factor in every client that we have worked with and nurtured.

This is an exciting time for entrepreneurs as well as established companies. There are many opportunities to succeed, without the traditional hurdles that some entrepreneurs and businesses experienced just a few years ago. There are more opportunities for success and positive growth virtually in all businesses world-wide.

For the last several years we have made a substantial investment and have dedicated resources into understanding how the Internet is/has become the most prolific business tool when it comes to customer acquisition and customer retention.

As a result of our own research and successes we are confident in the practical aspects of communication and its effect on making businesses successful.

We’ve had many wonderful experiences with our clients, and often these client relationships have created long-term friendships.

After all, we are all humans having human experiences.